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A Playbook for Maker Event Organizers

The Maker Event Playbook is a community-driven playbook that documents a wide range of maker events and the topics that are relevant to maker event organizer. Whether you host small workshops in a makerspace or produce a large multi-day maker event such as a Maker Faire, this playbook is a place for you to find helpful information and to share the what you’ve learned with others.

The Maker Event Playbook is a project of Nation of Makers, and will be maintained long-term by the Nation of Makers community. The project’s initiation can be traced back to the maker event organizer track at NOMCON 2019 (the Nation of Makers annual conference) with a workshop that led to a call to action for a community-driven playbook for maker events. With support from Google as part of their ongoing support for the maker community, a project team formed in the fall of 2019 and the playbook was launched at NOMCON 2020!


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Check out some of the general event topics that relate to most maker events.

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You can use this playbook template to document your org's maker events.

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What’s Next?

We are currenly on-boarding authors, publishers, and coders to continue the playbook. If you’d like to get involved, please email us or join us in the Nation of Makers slack in the #maker_event_playbook channel. Check out the pages above to start learning how the playbook works and how you can contribute!