Licensing Agreements are agreements between the owner of a patent or trademark and someone who wants to use that patent or trademark
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When do I need a licensing agreement?

When hosting an event, it is important to research your event name or key marketing phrase to make sure it is not trademarked by someone else. If so, you must get permission from the owner of the trademark in order to use it.

For example, the name “Maker Faire” is owned by Maker Media. They allow communities to host their own branded Maker Faires with a licensing agreement. Local event organizers are required to contact Maker Media to understand rules and requirements for using that name for their event.

Whether it is a Maker Faire, a combat robot event, or a miniature home made car racing event, understanding any required licensing could save you a tremendous amount of legal and financial challenges.

Benefits of a licensing agreement

A licensing agreement can produce many benefits for your event. The licensor’s trademark provides recognition for your event and exposure for you to their markets. A reputable licensed trademark may increase your marketability to an audience you may have difficulty reaching as well as the ability to get sponsorships and contributions. The licensor may also become a valued professional partner for your organization. Your licensor may be able to provide you with guidance on many aspects of your event while you benefit from the reputation of their brand.

Rule of thumb

If you’ve randomly come up with an amazing catchy name for your event, do a quick google search. Someone else may have come up with that same amazing catchy name before.