Field Trips are a great way to check out other spaces and places. If possible, bring your Maker Friends along!
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See other Makerspaces

If you are a member of a makerspace, or wish you were a member of a makerspace, you might find it very interesting to visit makerspaces. The best time to visit another makerspace is during their specific open hours when they’ll (typically) have people available to give you a tour and talk about their space. Plan a trip to another makerspace with your friends and learn how others do their making!

Many makers try to visit a makerspace when they are traveling to another city. If you travel for work or pleasure, find out if there’s a makerspace in the cities you’ll be visiting. I know I’m not the only one who has traveled for work and made it a point to visit a local makerspace after daytime work commitments are out of the way.

If you are visiting another city and it’s not the typical “open night” at the local makerspace, get in touch with them to see if someone would be willing to give you a tour. You’ll often find that people are proud of their space, and like to show it off, and also enjoy meeting other makers.

See Other Places

Field Trips might also be to places that are not makerspaces. Museums, art galleries, rapid prototyping labs, universities. We even heard from one makerspace that the put togther a field trip to Fermilab, the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois. If you’re going to go on a field trip, bring some makers with you.