21+ Events may include alcohol, what do you need to take into consideration for such an event.
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Events for Adults

Without going into specifics about what defines an “Adult”, we typically regard 21+ Events as those meant for adults 21 years of age or older.

What happens at a 21+ Event? There’s a good chance alcohol will be involved. We are not lawyers or legal counsel, so we’ll add the information below:

As of this writing, the minimum legal age to purchase alcohol is 21 in all states within the United States. Furnishing alcohol to one’s own children is permitted in 31 states, while it’s illegal to do so for other people’s children in all fifty states.

We recommend not breaking any state or federal laws, so if you are serving alcohol at a Maker Event, use common sense, only serve adults, and above all, make sure you and all of your guests can remain safe.

That said, we’ve seen makers do everything from make their own beer and wine to do a tour of a wiskey distillery and bring home a barrel!

(Personally, I’ve attended many “Maker Parties” where alcohol was served, and I’ve always seen it done very responsibly, even when those under 21 have been present.)

Isn’t Making for Kids?

While there are many different maker programs for kids and youth, we’ve heard from a few maker instructors that after a full day of maker camps or classes they appreciate being able to just hang out with adult makers, enjoy a drink, and some conversation. (As someone who has run maker camps, I can appreciate that.)