Power Racing is a part of many Maker events and makerspaces, taking it online has made more races available to teams acrross the world.
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The Power Racing Series is a series where teams build a $500 electric race car from a kids ride on toy. It has been featured at many Faires and other Maker events. Since it involves so many elements of making, it draws a wide audience, plus everyone loves silly race cars. To keep teams engaged between events it has gone Virtual using the online racing game Assetto Corsa.

The Game

Assetto Corsa, (not assetto corsa competizione) is the game used to race on. This game has a large community with many modifications available to the game. Maps and Cars can be modeled in blender and raced in the game.

The Cars and Maps

A group of Power Racers called Lazy Gecko started this series in 2020, they spun up the initial car and map models specifically for the series. You can download thier content from this github repo

Hosting and Organizing Races

Race weekends have somewhat followed the normal Power Racing format, of 15 minute sprint races and 75 minute endurance races. All of this requires a server for drivers to connect to. The added special feature for PRS is the “Moxie” voting system.