Every event needs a good safety and security plan. The purpose of this is to address extra security needed for special events. This does NOT address general day to day security for your facility.
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Borrowed Items for Exhibition Purposes

If your event involves holding borrowed items for display (art or special maker projects, for example), those items may cause you to need extra security. This need varies greatly by event, area, value of items, and it is entirely up to the hosting organization and if you, as the event host, are comfortable taking on the risk of protecting someone else’s property. To reduce your risk, you can address these concerns in an agreement with the owner of the exhibition items.

3rd Party Venues

If you are holding your event held at a 3rd party venue, it is critical to have a security plan. Some venues provide security while many do not. Your venue may also require you to choose from a specific list of security providers.

Depending on the venue, it may also be a good idea to have extra security on hand both during the event hours as well as overnight. Security can help with crowd management and at times when you will have excessive amounts of cash on hand. This is particularly helpful before and after the event when cash is being transported into and out of the event.

Police Officers vs Private Security

Private security firms can vary greatly in their services and pricing. First, make a plan for what your security needs are. When getting quotes, you should be as specific as possible. If you’re not sure where to begin, talk to the venue. Ask them for their recommendations and if they have a contact with your local police department or sheriff’s office.

Law enforcement agencies often allow their officers to take private security jobs in their off duty hours and will post those opportunities for security positions to their officers. Always have a back up plan if you are counting on police officers. In some areas police officers are given so many security opportunities that they may be unable to fill the position or they may only fill it if you pay a very high hourly fee. Also, if there is an emergency, they may get called away during your event leaving you unsecured.

The police department may be able to recommend a reputable security firm to you. Not all private security companies provide armed officers, so make sure you understand what you need and what you are getting. Some events use a combination of police officers and private security, while others do not want armed security unless they are a law enforcement officer. Communicate with your team and the venue to determine your needs then work with your security provider to ensure you get a complete understanding of what is being provided to you.